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About the mixture of this website and me

trooperI have been interested in IT ever since I layed my hands on the TI99/4a around 1980.

It resulted in a long time hobby: computer programming in all kinds of languages, gaming, computer clubs, cassette, floppy, cd, ZX Spectrum and XT. Back in the beginning just painting the screen in different colors was a miracle and all coding had to be typed from magazines or copied from cassette tapes. The world was not connected yet for regular human beings.

Naturally I went to become a bachelor in informatics (HIO) and later on did Cognitive Science (MA) because it was the next logical step (AI, Neural Networks, Cognitive Ergonomics). After that I started working at IBM (see disclaimer). Which ment that my hobby somehow intermingled with what I do professionally. I now have a pretty broad knowledge on a lot of IT subjects. From a business perspective, from any kind of Architect perspective, from any kind of Developer perspective, from Maintenance perspective, from Testing perspective, from DBA perspective  but most of all, all of this has fueled my still computer hobby with new insights and perspectives.

In the meantime, after we did 14k4 BBS-ing, I had the chance in 1996, on the university to encounter the Internet. Naturally I had to fiddle around with it and created my HTML homepage. So in 1996 I started the website on the university of Nijmegen.

It moved to Xoom, Geocities, to my own server (Sambar), I adding risk related information, funny pictures my cv and so on. During 1999 I had a regular outburst of blogs on the Risk games i played on Microsoft Zone (which I include as my first blogpostings, you may discuss this). I moved on to hosting it on fortune cities (couldn’t sleep when my harddisk, next to my bed was making overhours) and adding “the daily link”, a javascript generated webblog.

At the end of 2000 I made the switch to Pitas and then to Blogger, where the real load of normal blogs followed. Soon afterwards I put it under de-leau.com (PR5), went BloggerPro, where I codesigned the infamous X-comments for blogcommenting and a basic asp weblog functionality tool, followed by leau.net (PR5), where I wrote an extensive ASP.NET XML based front-end to Blogger (still viewable at de-leau.com).

Starting from September 2006 I migrated to WordPress under cogmios.nl (PR5) because I didn’t have the energy to update my own code with all the goodies which a large group of developers build into one product. It hurted, but if I see what WordPress gives me I am, for now, quite happy with this tool and am glad that I don’t have to maintain my own Blog Publishing software anymore.

And then… november 2007, I moved yet again to Edward.de.leau.net, since this domain name reflects more a “personal blog”, so why the heck not under my own name. Ofcourse, for the 4th time I lose all search engine references and all “rankings”, but let’s see if we can get there again.

During the beginning of 2008 I then moved further into this direction and added my wife, son and cat under the same heading and under their respective subdomains to mirror the fact that I am growing into a father and prepare my son for his weblog adventures.

statisticsSo this is a private weblog from a pretty Beta guy and it is basically about anything as a natural flow of hobby computing.

A weblog is only the format. What is really “it” is the thing that is inside the weblog. That defines the kind of web site you are looking at.

This web site is not about anything specific but a natural extension of “me”, meaning it has a very low attention profile and a SEO-expert would become very sad. I invented the term “tickle blog” for it. It just tickles you once and again about a variety on subjects, not too professional, just raw material of things I find interesting. In terms of visitors it means the same, on some occasions there were 30.000 visitors on a day on others just 500.

I’m trying to post about my interests which includes interesting things I find but also once in a while about my atheistic (Brights) and skeptic nature. I’m in the process of tagging all content to make it easier to read more of the past 9000 postings in groups but this is harsh work.

By now it is one of the oldest still running weblogs and with it’s +9000 blogpostings typed by 1 person, it has made th #6 position as one of the  most prolific in the top 100 Prolific Bloggers.

Structure and content of the weblog

I am  trying to make order in the chaos of posting. It is interesting to think about how this should be done.  The front page is no longer interesting for anyone since there many different subject in which noone but my exact soulmate would be interested. So I have started creating subportals. Let’s see what that leads to.


I have removed all the hundreds of widgets, social thingies and other stuff from the sidebar. I’m thinking again on what to place there and what not.


I have experimented with Google Ads and with writing payed blogpostings. I temporarily postponed it and removed the Google Ads from the front page since there seems to be a conflict between “personal” weblog and “paid” weblog. I have not yet discovered how I can balance that or how to find a way to earn money and still have a good feeling about it.


This weblog was started before I started working at a company. It is the natural link with me, and with me only, so it does not express any expressions of my employer, clients or any organizations that I am a member of. I am solely responsible for the content.

I have written postings in the past which I might not agree with anymore in this time. That’s called growth. If there is anything you would like to see removed just contact me.

Social Networks

I am a sucker for invites and have joined literally hundreds of the tens of thousands of social networks out there, apart from that I have joined thousands of forums and likewise social sites. I once created a specific page for it but it became useless because of the sheer size of links.

Here are some places where you can connect with me:




Linkedin has grown to be the somehow leader in business networking. I really accept any invitation. I’m trying out the new group feature on there, so you might have stumbled on my weblog from one of these groups.

If you are a business contact or would like to become my business contact then you can view my e-mail address in my linkedin profile.

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  2. Edward, ik geloof dat onze geschiedenis redelijk gelijkoploopt: TI99/4a, BBS etc. Op je NL-website las ik dat je in Nijmegen hebt gestudeerd en hier lees ik dat je cognitieve wetenschappen hebt gestudeerd. Was dat bij o.a. Ed Hoenkamp? Als dat zo is dan zul je misschien ook zo nu en dan dromen over haakjes (Lost In Stupid Parenthesis). Heb je Koster met Algol 68 ook nog meegemaakt?

    Maar ik vermoed dat ik toch net iets eerder aan het bloggen was dan jij. Op 31 juli 1998 begon ik te bloggen via newwws.net. De eerste posts staan nog ergens op een archiefschijf maar niet meer op het web. Newwws.net richt(te) zich op ontwikkelingen in de grafi-media branche. Daarvoor plaatste ik al artikelen die we nu blogs noemen op de website http://www.mensdata.nl, maar omdat de artikelen niet direct op die site thuishoorden besloot ik een aparte website in te richten. Regelmatig werd via newwws.net online verslag gedaan van bijeenkomsten in de VS. Het was toentertijd erg spannend dat bijvoorbeeld de keynote-sessies van Steve Jobs al na een kwartier (haha, dat was toen snel) op newwws.net waren na te lezen. We maakten gebruik van een in FileMaker Pro ontwikkelde database die via Lasso van Blue World Communications gekoppeld was aan een Macintosh webserver die we zelf hostten – eerst via een dubbele ISDN-lijn en later met een peperdure 2MB huurlijn. Gemiddeld hadden we 1500 bezoekers per dag – toentertijd was dat een hele prestatie.

    En net als jouw blog is http://www.newwws.net nog altijd actief.

  3. Hallo Miriam, het zal toch niet waar zijn dat nou net een oud CogW-er een oudere weblog heeft? grmbl. haha. Leuk om je reactie te lezen. We zullen elkaar bij de ooit te houden CogW reunie vast ontmoeten.