Long disclaimer

This is my private weblog, started long ago before anyone else, apart from a handful of people worldwide, were “blogging” and long before I joined the company I work for. So the opinions expressed here represent my thoughts and opinions only and not the opinions of my employer or any of its employees.

Since this is my personal weblog I will make no linkages or publications about either my employer, its products, technology and services or anything remotely connected to the customers I work for.


As a general rule I don’t post anything even remotely business related, including technologies I am involved with, on this weblog.

Minimal Disclaimer

The opinions expressed here are mine and/or of the hacker who defaced this page (from here)

Copyight and Copyleft

I try to link back to any material I post here. In the past years I noticed that it sometimes hard when I am posting in a rush, so if you find anything which should be linked backed to you or even removed, please e-mail me an I will remove it asap.