The most prolific Blogger: Cogmios: 7282 postings

Bill Belew started a quest for the most prolific blogger, which was picked up by ProBlogger, which was picked up by Darren, where I read it (because it pops up in my WordPress Admin screen).

7282 blogpostings – As far as I understand prolific means the ratio of blogs per delta time unit and I definitely do not have a high posting ratio (see the Archives list on the right = posts/month) because I have a life! :) But … 7282 postings (I have split some to, deleted some old group blogpostings, etc… so probably around 7500) … probably makes me high in the list in terms of amount of postings. And then I mean real postings, typed by myself (there are lots of auto-generated weblogs which e.g. spit out cumulative rss feeds in blogposting format). I really hope someone will read them all some day. They are all on this site. I also think that the amount of years of Blogging is important in this ratio somehow, maybe some formula where there is an increment per year in the endscore “trust”.

more than 8000 blogpostings – Apart from this I used to check the profiles listings of Blogger (pre-Wordpress) and I can remember that there were some profiles in there which had a WAY huge amount of postings including Ev himself (id #1 lol), however it seems they don’t show the amount of postings anymore in the list, which is a pity because I think, especially in the old “Blogger” circuit there must be some giants. I saw FMF commented here that he had 8380 entries.

the more than 7500 postings club – If you have more than 7500 postings then add them here or on any of the comments above then I also will collect them as I except Bill will also do. We could discuss topics like “How can we ensure our blog will survive the next 5000 years :)).

history of this blog – in the about

posting #7282… there we go…

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One thought on “The most prolific Blogger: Cogmios: 7282 postings

  1. You are right….there is more to it than just number of posts….longevity should be considered…number of words…and, of course, original content. I am still thinking all those things through.
    Thanks for the mention here about my quest.